Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Water Fun

What better thing to do on a cool, breezy summer day then go to a spray park and let freezing water pour all over the children? That's what we thought. :) It is water week ya' know! Jeremy was off today so we thought we would do something fun in honor of water week, and although it was fairly chilly, the girls had fun and that's what counts.

Lauren, making the most of it.

Chloe, freezing but wanting a picture. .
Tatum and Jeremy, chilling where it's warm.

And here is the picture of cuteness that sits on my lap as I blog. :)


  1. It's kinda funny when I got home it was warmer the sun came back out.

  2. I have really wanted to get to the splash park this year and I haven't been able to yet. This is an awesome picture of Judah! He's getting so big!