Monday, March 30, 2009


So there are a lot of new things happening since I began this blog and I haven't even had a moment to write everything out...

1. Kayla and Caleb's wedding went fine without too many hitches. I am glad that I was able to help them with their wedding and I am also so very thankful that it's over... I think I should probably start planning the girls weddings now. Weddings are hard to plan.

2. Jessica, Micah and Malik were able to come to Ohio for the wedding and it was a huge surprise for Mom and Dad... You can watch the surprise happen here.. It was so much fun! We loved spending time with them and getting to know Malik too, such a sweet little guy he is. While they were here, they decided that they want to move here! So they went back to Washington and are in the process of getting rid of their stuff to move back here. They are coming on the 15th and will be staying with us for awhile.

3. So... since we will be having house guests for awhile, I am in the process of changing our finished basement into a bedroom/ living room for them. During that process I am switching the girls rooms (which I already had planned to get ready for the baby), but everything is just happening a little faster. Which really is ok, because I will happy to have that part of baby preparations done so that when it's time to start gardening, I don't have to worry about reorganizing and moving bedrooms.

So I am keeping myself on track with some serious to-do lists, while still trying to get the rest that I need to get. God has been teaching me that I need to listen to Him in EVERYTHING, even resting when He tells me to rest. I have a hard time with that for some reason... but I know that if I listen then I will have energy for the things I do need to accomplish for the day.

Tomorrow, I will post my to-do's for the week just to help me stay accountable. The 2 older kids are working on Math worksheets but they are almost done, so I need to get them started on something else and the little girls need some direction too.. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Starting Over


I'm starting a new blog. I honestly never kept up with my old blog. It was an ok blog host, but it was somewhat slow, hard to edit, hard to add pictures and many times I would end up frustrated trying to use it. So tonight I almost posted an "I'm back" post, but then I decided that really I just need a fresh start. Here's my fresh start. I am hoping to keep up with it. :) So come back and check on me. I will try to have new things a few times a week at least.

Welcome Friends!