Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chloe's Birthday Tea

For probably 6 months, Chloe has been asking to have a tea party for her 5th birthday, "no boys allowed, except Daddy and Judah." Since I was due to have Judah on Chloe's birthday, I wasn't sure when to schedule this party since I had no guarantees of when labor would be. :) We were finally able to schedule the party a month after her birthday, and the waiting was half the fun for her! She was so excited to plan and prepare for her party. For the first time I saw her as the list maker (wonder where she got that), organizer, planner type. She planned the color scheme, picked the cake and organized the activities, she was quite the little party girl.


My aunt loaned us all of her collectible teapots for the little 5 year old girls to all have their own. Quite the brave soul isn't she? :) There were no mishaps and I shall be returning the teapots in fine shape thankfully. I will say though that having all the teapots made the party what it was! The girls loved having their choice of "teas" and pouring their own drink. They all had the sweetest lady manners and one little girl said, "I feel like a woman". Too funny!

The Teapot Cake. (This cake came on one of those recipe cards that come in the mail when they're trying to sell their cookbooks... Well I didn't buy, but the idea for this cake came in handy). That would be my frugal tip for today- make your own birthday cakes!

All of the girls seemed to have fun, and I know Chloe loved her party! So thanks everyone! A special thanks goes out to my Mom who did so much to help me that day, I couldn't have done it without you. And to Aunt Tressa, who loves parties so much and would do anything to make a party a good one, even let little girls use your pretty teapots. Ya'll are awesome!

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  1. These adorable little girls were so fun to serve. I appreciate that I got to share the day with them and you. Loving you!