Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3rd Annual Summer Camp

The days of summer are quickly slipping away, along with all the things that make summer, summer. Two years ago when we first started homeschooling I wanted to think of something to get back into "school day schedule" that would be fun for the girls and not very stressful for me. So we started "Summer Camp".
It's that time again!

This year I decided that we would do a different theme every week and we would incorporate everything into that theme. This week is "Water Week" and we're focusing on obedience and serving others. (Cuz believe me, we could use an extra dose of obedience and servanthood around here. Yikes.)
Yesterday, we read about Jonah and the Whale and we made these whales. (Do you think I could use this story to threaten my children that if they don't obey I'm calling the whale? Probably not a good plan.)

We made these bubble snake things that I found in Family Fun magazine and the girls had a blast with them. They played with them for an hour!


1. Cut the bottom of an empty water bottle.
2. Secure a piece of old towel that's a few inches larger than the bottle to the bottom with a rubber band.
3. Dampen the wash cloth in water, then dip it into a shallow pan of dish soap.
4. Blow gently into the top to make the snakes.

For snack we had "Beached Whales". I honestly did not know what we were going to have for snack until the girls were outside playing and it came to me. It worked well with the theme though! Basically it was smores with the marshmallows dyed blue, and whale crackers.

But, most importantly the girls got up early, did their chores and morning routines on schedule for school, and had many blessed opportunities to obey with a joyful heart, and serve one another too. :) So far this summer camp thing works for me!

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  1. What a wonderful idea!! I wish I'd thought of it.