Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - The Half Week

Do you know what a great way to get back into a full schedule is after Christmas without burning out? Plan a vacation for the 2nd week of January!!  Since some of our family wasn't able to come home at all during the Holiday's, we decided that we would plan a trip to see all of them when Jeremy was able to take vacation time.

We left last Wednesday and had a wonderful time!  I would love to show you pictures of the glorious time we had, but true to form I left my camera at home.  Seriously!  I couldn't believe it!  I remember packing it into the case and I thought from there I put it neatly into my purse.  I even looked for it while we were there because I was so convinced  I brought it.  Nope.  It remained on the microwave where I left it.  Ugh.

I digress.

We got home late this past Tuesday night so we took Wednesday off to conquer Mt. Washmore, and stretch our travel worn bones. So I didn't really plan much in the way of schoolwork...

Thursday- The girls practiced some Math Facts on coolmath.  I had never actually used this site and although it wasn't really my favorite, it served the purpose.  We are studying the digestive system in science so we worked on some of that, did some read alouds and called it a day.

Friday- We did read alouds, read some of our science chapter and did a few experiments for that.  (Have you ever put bread in a baggie and poured water over it, then smooshed it up?  Of course we were mimicking the stomach but the looks of it actually made Lauren and I a bit nauseous.)

We also finished our chapter in History and talked about Joshua, Rahab and the battle of Jericho. We acted out the 7 days of marching around the city.

Our city wasn't quite as fortified considering it was made of couch cushions...  but it got the idea across.

We also shouted to get the walls to crumble.  They loved that.  How often does your mom say. "Shout as loud as you can."  Not often.  It was loud and it was worth it, although the walls didn't crumble.

Isn't that story amazing though?  Obedience to God made way for a miracle.  I was overwhelmed again by the power of God's Word and the power of hearts that trust Him.  We talked about that quite a bit... and then we plundered the city.

Judah got to go first.

Then everyone joined in the plundering.  Most fun of the day by far.  Along with not telling my kids to yell their loudest all that often, we also don't jump on the couch cushions that often.  Notice the cracks in the back of the leather.  Now you know why.

Lauren had a few writing assignments to go along with this, but I think the jumping stuck the story in our memories.

It was a good day in a good week.  Now onto making lesson plans for the next few weeks, when we are REALLY back to our schedule.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Tatum Grace!!

I feel like I've known you forever and yet it's hard to believe it's already been 5 years since I first held you!  By the time you arrived, my 3rd daughter, I was pretty sure I knew how to "do" little girls.  But you, Tatum Grace, surprised me and convinced me even more that our Papa God makes no cookie cutter little ones. 

At 5 years old you:
 - Live up to your name: Tatum- cheerful, bringer of joy.  We partake in your joy of life every day.  There are not too many moments that you're not laughing or trying to make someone else laugh.   From the time you were a baby and still today, many people tell me how much they enjoy you and your personality and how fun you are to be around.  Grace- well, Grace.  You exhibit grace as well as any 5 year old can.  You are very quick to love people.  God has used you in many ways to teach me about grace and how He has all that we need for every moment.  You are very determined in your views and I have really learned to rely on God's grace to give me wisdom on how to reach you and teach you and hold your heart.

- You are full of antics. Still.  When you were one we nick-named you "Tatum the Tornado" until it hit me I really didn't want to profess that over you and told everyone we weren't allowed to say that anymore.  My oh my though, the things you come up with baffle me!  Just in this past year you have cut your hair THREE times and cut your eyebrows almost completely off with manicure scissors. You take risks. (Here's a story to enjoy from when you were smaller)

- You love to "collect" things.  Every bag, basket and bucket that you can get your hands on you fill with stuff; books, toys, cards, anything.  We have spent many hours searching for things only to find it was in one of your collections.  Some people would call it hoarding, but I'm putting it in a positive light and teaching you about moderation (and cleaning up after yourself).

- You love to learn and are learning to read very quickly.

- You love Jesus and love to talk about Him.  You have understanding for things that blow my mind.  Your faith is simple, just like it should be.  You trust God because you really seem to know His love for you.

- You still suck your fingers.  Daddy said no more, I am backing him.  I would never tell you this now, but it's hard for me because, you know, I sucked my fingers happily until I was six. Although not every waking moment like you do, but still atleast to go to sleep.  Hopefully we can get this habit broken and rescue your teeth and minimize the amount of germs you put directly into your mouth. Obviously when I talked about this issue here and here... it was not resolved.

You are a joy to us Tatum!  You help make our hearts full and we anticipate the amazing things that God has in store for one like you!

Happy birthday sweet girl!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Where did all this time come from?!

What a fantabulous day!  It was our first day back to school and it was great!  I said yesterday, that we are getting back to the basics, and the basics felt wonderful. 

I started with a pretty long to do list for the day and I am amazed to say that it's all crossed off.  Crossing off lists is one of my great satisfactions in life.  I used to think I was the only person that would actually add things to my list that I had already done just so I could cross them off.  But after talking to a few other list obsessed people, I know I'm not the only crazy one. :)

School and list crossing off isn't the only thing that happened today though:  Laughs happened, tickles happened, cuddles happened, happiness happened.  I will share with you my secret to getting all of this accomplished, it's a time tested secret that I'm sure will work for anyone:

Get those buns outta bed on time!!   That's right.  That's all it takes.  Now if I can just convince my snooze finger of the wonderfulness of this day so it won't be tempted to steer me down the wrong sleepy path, I'll be good to go.

Today was also the first day of the Bible in 90 days and I got off to a good start with the 16 chapters that were on the schedule for today.  I am excited to begin the year in such an awesome way, filling my mind and my time with the Word of God.  This will be an great challenge for my spirit and my flesh.

So if it was your first day back to normal life after the holidays, how was it?  And if you're participating in B90, did you get off to a good start?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to the Basics

If you know me very well, you know that I love the holidays and everything that comes with them.   I relish every moment, every party, every -ahem- unscheduled day.  By the time January 1st rolls around I am ready to get back to a basic way of life, and so are my children I must say.

We weren't able to go to church this morning because neither Jeremy or I were feeling well, so I have have taken this day to rest and get ready to jump back into routine tomorrow.  I'm just finishing up the next two weeks of lesson plans so I will be all ready in the morning! :)

A couple of things on my agenda for the week:
  • Back to 5am wake up and workouts.
  • Get the children used to school routine again.
  • Christmas decor taken down and put away. NEATLY.
  • Continue gathering stuff for Goodwill and the general declutter.
  • Implement the new chore responsibilities.  (This will take more than a week I'm sure.)
The title of my post really sums it up, we're just getting back to it this week. :)

Also, I'm really excited to be participating the The Bible in 90 Days Challenge hosted by Mom's Toolbox!  We start tomorrow and I am really looking forward to the challenge and the awesome way to start the new year. If you would like to participate, click the link to read what it's all about.  There are reading guides there to help you see where to read each day.

If you are interested in reading the New Testament in 90 days, that's what Lauren will be reading, as well as what I will be reading to the other girls.