Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to the Basics

If you know me very well, you know that I love the holidays and everything that comes with them.   I relish every moment, every party, every -ahem- unscheduled day.  By the time January 1st rolls around I am ready to get back to a basic way of life, and so are my children I must say.

We weren't able to go to church this morning because neither Jeremy or I were feeling well, so I have have taken this day to rest and get ready to jump back into routine tomorrow.  I'm just finishing up the next two weeks of lesson plans so I will be all ready in the morning! :)

A couple of things on my agenda for the week:
  • Back to 5am wake up and workouts.
  • Get the children used to school routine again.
  • Christmas decor taken down and put away. NEATLY.
  • Continue gathering stuff for Goodwill and the general declutter.
  • Implement the new chore responsibilities.  (This will take more than a week I'm sure.)
The title of my post really sums it up, we're just getting back to it this week. :)

Also, I'm really excited to be participating the The Bible in 90 Days Challenge hosted by Mom's Toolbox!  We start tomorrow and I am really looking forward to the challenge and the awesome way to start the new year. If you would like to participate, click the link to read what it's all about.  There are reading guides there to help you see where to read each day.

If you are interested in reading the New Testament in 90 days, that's what Lauren will be reading, as well as what I will be reading to the other girls.

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