Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Scariest Thing

Maybe it's because we have a new baby and the weight of the responsibility of another life always feels heavier when new ones come. Maybe it's because every day I'm faced with my own carnality and the carnality of my children, the proof that we need a Savior. Whatever the reason tonight the scariest thing hit me.

My children will one day choose their own way.

I shudder just to type it out. Right now I choose most of the things in their lives, what they eat, what they watch, what they wear, what they play, what they listen to, how they treat one another. Now of course within the parameters that we have set they have choices, but we are in charge of the parameters. One day though, they will decide Who will have their hearts, and I so desperately want them to choose Papa.

All of the thoughts that would try to plague me are ones not uncommon to any mother: What if I don't do it right or good enough? What if I'm too strict? What if I'm too lenient? And then of course the biggie: What if I don't show them the joy of living in the Love of our Father?

Truly this is so fresh to me that I am teary even typing this out. I could allow all of these things to torture my mind, make me try to control every thing and situation, and even them, but that is not love. I am reminded that it is God's love that draws us to Him, not because He forces us but because He wants us and when we recognize and feel His desire for us, what can we do but surrender? What greater thing is there than being so desired and loved that His own precious life would be sacrificed while we were yet sinners?

So, I could allow these things to torture me, but I won't. Instead, I will pray. For the children and for Jeremy and I. Instead, I will be love to my children. The kind my Papa is to me. The patient, kind, humble, selfless, forgiving, bearing up, rejoicing, believing the best, enduring, never failing kind.

Then the scariest thing won't be so scarey.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Back on Track

I'm pulling out the big guns. This nonsense has gone in for far too long. It's threatening the sanity of our family and I have to put a stop to it. What is this monster of which I speak?

Disorder. No schedule. Chaos.

Call him what you want he goes by many names.

For the past few months I have been "flexible". You know the pregnant, tired, just getting through the day kind. Now that pregnancy has been relieved and the baby has been birthed so I've been the no sleep, new baby kind of "flexible". Now, don't get me wrong I need to be flexible and I have learned some good lessons about letting some things go so more important things can get accomplished. I have also learned the lesson that my family needs me to keep them on schedule and none of us really thrive without it.

So the large home organization/schedule binder has come out. The schedules and charts have been revamped to fit our family where it is now and I am ready for action. So although this is a very simple post about getting back on track. I just want to say it loud and clear for the world (or the few people that read this blog.. "hi, mom" :) ) to hear: SCHEDULING WORKS FOR ME!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Menu Plan Monday..

The past few weeks since having Judah I have hardly had to cook. So many people have brought us dinner and it has been SUCH a blessing! Not only have I not had to cook, but I haven't had to plan meals and that is such a load off me! The week before I had Judah I made Zucchini Bread, Banana Bread, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, Waffles, and Pancakes and put them all in the freezer so we could just add some fruit and have simple breakfasts, and for lunches we just stuck to sandwiches and leftovers. So basically my mind has been shut off to meal planning for almost 3 weeks, ahhhh.. :) So, I am coming back refreshed with new ideas and we still have a few dinners coming this week. Here's the lineup as it looks right now:
Cereal/ Fruit
Scrambled Eggs/ Toast / Fruit
Waffles / Fruit
Zucchini Bread/ Fruit
Cereal Bars / Fruit
Tuna Melts/ Roasted Zucchini/ Cottage Cheese
Lunch Meat and Cheese Sandwiches/ Fresh Veggies
Cheese Quesidillas/ Tomato Soup / Fresh Veggies
Make our own Lunchables for a picnic
M- Dinner Brought
T- Dinner Brought
W- Dinner Brought
Th- White Chicken Chili/ Tortilla Chips/ Salad
F- Pizza
S- Chicken Macaroni Bake/ Green Beans/ Homemade Applesauce
For some amazing recipes and whole bunch of inspiration visit Laura over at orgjunkie!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Nicknaming Fools

Many people don't know this about me, but I like to give nicknames, lots of nicknames, to those that I love. I don't know where it came from, it's just something that has been apart of me for as long as I can remember. My youngest sister Kayla and I were reminiscing the other day about her nickname "Bob Jones". It started by my dad calling her "Billy Bob", then it moved to "Kayla-Bob", from there I shortened it to "Bob" then shortly after the "Jones" part was tacked on to the end. She is 10 years younger than me, so when I was in highschool and I would call her name "Bob!", then "Bob Jones!", my friends would say, "Your sister's name is Bob Jones?!" It was always a long story.

I say all of this to say.. my girls have picked up my love of nicknames. I have given them their fair share of nicknames and they have taken on the task of nicknaming Judah. In his short 16 days of life, Judah has aquired more nicknames then he will ever be able to answer to. The names come from the oldest girl to the youngest, we are constantly discussing who was the one that first thought of that nickname (just one more way to be competitive), and they frequently come to me to get my approval on the latest name... Here is a short list, in no particular order (should someone think this is a competition) of the nicknames baby Judah has inspired..

Judah Boodah
Ju Ju
Ju Ju Bug
Ju Ju Beetle
Judah G
Mr. Judah
Mr. Man
Judy Cutie
Little Buns (from Tatum :))

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but if we continue at this pace he will have approximately 276 nicknames by the time he is a year old. I am really TRYING to refrain from using too many nicknames myself because I would like him to know what name we actually gave him!

I have to go now, Ju Ju Bug is getting hungry. (I said I'm TRYING :))

Bob Jones holding Judah Boodah

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some Pictures of our Minivan Full

Here they are! Lauren, Chloe, Tatum and Judah.

Baby Judah trying to suck his fingers.. we are making him a binky boy instead. Finger sucking is too hard to break!

The biggest sister Lauren with her first little brother.

Chloe and Judah. Birthday buddies. (Chloe turned 5 the day after Judah was born.)

And last but not least, the first time big sister Tatum.

A New Day..

It's a new day. By day I mean season, and by season I mean a new time in our lives. We are now the parents of 3 little girls and 1 new baby boy. Judah Gabriel was born July 8, 2009 at 11:41am. He weighed 7lbs. 13oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long. Believe it or not I was able to keep the secret from Jeremy and the girls my whole pregnancy and seeing their surprise at having a little boy in the house was worth the stress of secret keeping. Judah is doing wonderfully and the girls have been amazing in their adjustment. They love to hold him and talk to him, but they are not in his face and overwhelming him (or mama :)). He is a cuddly little guy and I love it! If he is to be our last baby then I plan to relish every single moment of his babyhood. I always love this time anyway, a little one fresh from God reminding me at every moment the miracle that life is. I have been observing him and the girls, enjoying their ages, loving each place that they are, amazed that God gave us these precious gifts. Hmm. How thankful I am. My heart is that each one would know their Heavenly Papa through the love of their earthly Daddy and Momma. That I would see each one for who they are, recognizing their individuality and raising them in the purposes of the Father.. How very, very precious they are.