Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Starting Over

I have been pondering for the past two weeks what I should post for Works for Me Wednesday, and coming up with nothing. "Come on Amanda, this isn't that hard!" , I chastised myself, "What works for you?"

That's when I realized, it ain't working.

For the past month I've felt like a dog chasing my tail, running, running, running in circles and never catching it. The days have not been going smoothly, the house is cluttered and it feels like things are somewhat out of control. Jeremy had surgery so he is not able to be up and around much and he is now off of work until January! Usually we hardly see him during the holidays because work is soo busy then, we are blessed to have this time with him.

Typically, when he has a day off of work, we just "hang out" for the day and then I catch up on things the next day. Well I can't just "hang out" for 3 months and think things will still run well around here. So I finally realized instead of beating myself up everyday about 4:00pm for not getting my whole schedule done, why don't I reevaluate and make a new schedule for the time he is off work? *ding* LIGHTBULB! We want to make the most of this time and still get things done that need to be done..

Since this literally hit me about an hour ago, tomorrow I will go over our schedule and see where changes need to be made, and also get Jeremy's input for how he would like the day to run. (It's not all about me ya' know. ;) )

This oughta be good. :)

I've been at this place before: starting over. Life changes all of the time and we have to be flexible enough to change with it. What about you? Are your routines and schedules working for you or are you working for them? Maybe it's time to start over!

For more ideas to make life work visit: We Are That Family.

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  1. Just wanted you to know I am praying for you to make that fresh start and find something new and wonderful!