Friday, April 22, 2011

I was just hiding in the bathroom. That is the only place that I can (usually) get a few minutes of respite.

For some reason today has been a rough day. There is really not one reason, but a culmination of things that have been hovering in the back of my mind. I know that they are there, but they are not always pressing issues, just things that have to be dealt with from time to time.

They felt especially heavy today. I felt especially especially heavy, as if the weight of the world rested on my shoulders.

I am not good at carrying the weight of the world. I don't do it with much grace. Instead, small issues with my children feel huge. My words are short and snappy when my children need patient teaching. I am quick to be irritated instead of quick to love and see the best in people.

So I decided to hide for a minute and catch my breath and that's when it happened.

Thankfulness washed over me.

I took a minute and thought about what today is. I took a minute To think about the sacrifice my Father willingly made to watch His son be bruised and broken and murdered. I thought about Jesus and the love that He proved when He took the weight of the world, sin and death, upon His shoulders.

And I cried. Hard.

And just that quickly the weight I felt was replaced with that light yoke and easy burden that He promised when we let Him bear the load.

I still feel a little weepy because the thankfulness is so full and overwhelming, and well all of this just happened a few minutes ago... I feel like a new lighter woman than i was when I got up this morning. That is a very good thing.