Friday, May 14, 2010

A Week In Review- The S-L-O-W Week

It's barely 7:00am, and normally this should be a crazy time of day; everyone awaking and the morning things being done.  Normally I would not be on the computer already.  But there is something so peaceful this morning about the little bit of sunshine, the little bit of dark clouds on the other side of the sky, and the loud chorus of birds that have been in hiding the last few days keeping out of the rain. I just had to take some time to sit in the quiet.

Really though, who am I kidding?  This is the first morning this week that I've seen the day before 7:00.  It's been one of those weeks. Everyone has been staying up too late, which makes for very s-l-o-w moving mornings.  But really, if I was going to choose a week to be slow, this was the perfect one.  Since it's been so rainy there hasn't been any garden or yard work happening, and there was very few things on the schedule.  So yes, now that I think about it, I'm not going to feel bad about this being a slow week because we just need those sometimes.

This week.
  • mostly finished her Human Body Lapbook.  She has a few review activities and some vocabulary words to add to it, but it's just about ready to put together.  She really did enjoy this lapbook and it kept her interested.  We've done a few lapbooks before, but this is the first one that I purchased as a whole study set and I did like it.  I think the next time I will make sure to have some more supplemental things on hand though.
  • kept working on mastering her multiplication tables.  She is almost finished with her math book, but I stopped all new lessons while she just works on the mastery.  This year I used Rod and Staff Math, and while I think the repetition and drill was what she needed and helped her with the math facts this year, I am looking forward to switching to Math U See for the next year.  She sometimes gets confused in the how and why of math, and has a little bit of trouble visualizing how to solve a problem. 
  • kept working to complete her US Geography study.  She's a little over half way through and those States and Capitals are getting in her brain.
  • finished reading Anne of Greene Gables and is working on a book review.
  • continued with her final Bible Reader and workbook.  She has loved this Bible study and she has learned SO much of Bible history and geography this year.
  • continued practicing her letters and copywork. 
  • is getting better at reading.  She is very diligent at sounding out words she doesn't know, and she told me this week "Mommy, I can read now!"  I thought it was funny considering she's been reading for many months, but she doesn't consider it reading when she's sounding out words.
  • is working to recognize numbers up to 100 and be able to write them.  She is also learning the concept of subtraction and she's doing well with it.
  • surprises me with her abstract thinking skills.  Daily she amazes me when she can answer questions after our read alouds about cause and effect, "why do you think this happened", and other questions that take mature thought process.  Originally, I intended these questions for Lauren and Chloe, but Tatum likes to get the discussion going (a girl after her Mama's heart), so I definitely don't stop her.
  • she is also learning to recognize and write numbers to 100.
  • she is practicing all the letter sounds and putting some blends together too.
  • would be on the computer all day if I let her.  Especially PBS Kids, and Nick Jr Boost.  I don't let her.  Not all day anyway.
  • is along for the ride and does whatever we are doing.  Although he is quickly learning that if we get wrapped up in something, he can sometimes swiftly and quietly sneak away to get into things.  He always goes for the same things too; guinea pig cage, entertainment center, shoes in the hallway, art closet, and stairs if the gate is not up.  He'll be walking soon and the girls can't wait!  I can though.  He's the baby ya know.
It's been a pretty basic week.  I also taught the girls how to finger crochet and add beads to it, and we may have a jewelry store in our house soon.  They're working on their inventory right now, it's like, all over the house.

We will be schooling all year, but we will transition to the summer schedule soon and I'm looking forward to it.  More gardening, more swimming, more picnics, more nature, more fun.


  1. Hey, cousin. Great post :). I love hearing about what your family is doing and learning. I especially enjoyed the jewelry store part ;). What fun! ~Carrie