Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Again, haven't been blogging..

I guess I just have not found the right way to fit blogging into my schedule. I really want to, it's just I haven't had the time... So here again is an update post.

Micah, Jessica and Malik moved in with us on April 15th. Things have been going really well and we are having so much fun getting to spend time together and get to know Malik. He will be two in June and he has a huge personality that continually makes us laugh.

We went on vacation!! We went to Orlando for 3 days and visited the Magic Kingdom for a day. It was... magical. :) The girls had an amazing time. Really they are the perfect ages to go there because they were so transfixed by the fairy tale of it all. (I won't make any promises, but I would like to post some pics and stuff) Then we went to New Smyrna Beach for 3 days. That's my kind of vacation; sitting on the beach, playing in the waves, relaxing by the pool. After 3 days of busyness in Orlando, this pregnant mamma could use the relaxation. Jeremy and I both agree that it was our best vacation ever, we just had so much fun together. We did decide that from now on we are going to take 10 days or so instead of just a week, we really would have liked a few extra days.

I am down to 8 weeks left before the baby comes and I don't have anything ready. Really, nothing. So that is kind of where I need to focus my attention the next few weeks. We are all very excited and anxious for our little arrival. We will finish school next week and then I will be able to concentrate on baby prep and gardening.

That's all for now. I need to go bathe some little girls. :)

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